MP Dry cabinets

Dry cabinets are an alternative to moisture barrier bags that can greatly reduce the risk of operator handling errors. The metal cabinets feature tightly sealed doors and multiple shelves for storing trays and reels for extended periods of time. read more

Moisture Classification

Two standards help electronics manufacturers tackle the challenges of moisture sensitivity: IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020B and IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C. The joint industry standards were developed by IPC (Bannockburn, IL) and JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (Arlington, VA). read more

Moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs)

Moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs) are electronic compo- nents encapsulated with plastic compounds and other organic materials. Moisture from atmospheric humidity enters permeable packaging materials by diffusion and collects at the interfaces of dissimilar material. read more

Advantages of MP dry cabinets

Low relative humidity

Very low relative humidity (under 0.5%RH) together with powerful heating enabling drying temperatures of up to 60°C for the ST series (40°C for the LT series) make this solution ideal for storing your PCBs and all MSD level components without any need for MBBs.

Short drying time

The combination of low relative humidity and high drying temperature means a significant reduction in the time required for the effective drying of all stored components or PBCs. With the MP DRY CABINET ST, the drying time for MSD Level 3 components with body thickness of 1.4mm is reduced from 120 hours to 18 hours* (at 1%RH and 60°C).
*Compared to the competition’s typical standard of only 2%RH and 40°C

Manufactured according to IPC standards

MP dry cabinets are manufactured according to IPC/ JE- DEC J-STD 033C and IPCS-1601 standards.

Measuring real relative humidity values

The sensor position in all our dry cabinets is at the highest possible point in the cabinet. Dry air is much heavier than moist air, and therefore our sensor position guarantees the most realistic internal air humidity values.

Low energy consumption

The MP DRY CABINET ST series features very effective 30 mm insulation as standard (45 mm/60 mm optional) and dithermal metalized glass (no risk of operator burns even when the cabinet is set to maximum temperature) to ensure maximum energy savings and low running costs.

Rotronic sensor

Each dry cabinet is equipped with a very accurate sensor from the Swiss company ROTRONIC. Each sensor is factory calibrated and comes with a calibration report. We also of course offer on-site sensor calibration. Alternatively, simply send us your sensor for calibration and we will provide you with a replacement one for the meantime.